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Grovedale Baptist Church

94 Pioneer Road Grovedale 3216

Phone:  03 5243 3563

Web:  www.grovedalebc.org.au

Sunday Services - were 10 am

Minister:  Rev Ross Morgan

   email: ross.morgan@grovedalebc.org.au

Church Administrator

   email: church.admin@grovedalebc.org.au


   email: playgroup@grovedalebc.org.au

Church Newsletter


Welcome to the Grovedale Baptist Church website where we seek to provide the opportunity for worship and connection in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic -especially to those in the second half of life.

Life has changed and we have had to change with it.

 We can no longer come together to share in a time of worship and fellowship but this does not mean that we cannot do this in other ways. Here at Grovedale Baptist we have moved to having church at home and you can share in this if you would like.

Every Saturday a church pack can be emailed to you that will contain the church newsletter, a worship service that includes prayers and song words, plus a copy of the pastors message.  Our worship service follows the structure that we would normally use on a Sunday with songs that come from both traditional and contemporary sources.

An audio recording of the pastor’s message will be available on this web page so that you are able to hear the message as a part of your worship experience in your home.  For ease of access the link to the audio recording is listed below.

Many of our church family are choosing to share in this experience of worship at home on Sunday mornings at 10 am when we would normally be meeting at the church.  It is a way of being the church, bound by the Holy Spirit when we cannot be physically together.

If you would like to share in this form of worship during this pandemic then send a request by email  to our pastor: Rev Ross Morgan at his email address ross.morgan@grovedalebc.org.au and you will added to the distribution list.  You are free to unsubscribe from the list at anytime by emailing a request to the pastor.


5 April 2020 - Rev Ross Morgan Mark 11:1-11 The Lord needs it

29 March 2020 - Rev Ross Morgan John 6:16-21 - Do not be Afraid

22 March 2020 - Rev Ross Morgan Psalm 46 - God is with us

To give to the church by bank transfer use the following account:

Name: Grovedale Baptist Church    BSB No: 704-922   Account No:  100013064